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Igels: the Card Game



EAN kód: 9783937826349
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Název: Igels: the Card Game ‐ English Edition (2005)

Výrobce:  Pegasus Spiele

Jazyk: Ang.  Překlad k dispozici nebo na stránkách pravidla

Počet hráčů: 3-4

Věk hráčů: 10+

Délka hry: 60min. +

 Odkaz pro více informací: BGG

Popis hry:

Winter will be coming soon, and the forest creatures must look after their winter food supplies...
Gone are the days where all of them could find enough to eat without having to look very hard ... nowadays, they must fight for it!

In this card game, you'll take the side of hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits or mice in the fight for the last food to be found in the forest. In the process, you can make use of all sorts of helpful items that people have "forgotten" in the woods. And there are lots of those items: an abandoned chainsaw, Cola cans, worn out, smelly shoes, illegally dumped oil containers and much more. If you're clever, you can also lure your opponents onto the roadway that people regularly travel through the woods.

Igels is a fast-paced, funny card game in which the winner is the player with the most food points at the end of the game.


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